Mạnh Thông – Ginger Shots’ BOLT operator

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My name is Thong. I’m a BOLT operator at Ginger Shots Studios. Usually we will do table-top TVC projects.


I would say, Why don’t we use BOLT? Because BOLT can help us to have better precision accuracy. And also we can mechanize all of the systems so that we can have the best shot possible for the table-top.

Challenges with BOLT? 

We have to work with BOLT. As for me, connected as a friend, understand the BOLT. Because BOLT is a robot. So it also has limits. I will give you an example. Like when we use a BOLT with the Laowa lens, it would be difficult for us to do the focus. because the laowa itself is hard to control.

How did you overcome these challenges?

First of all, the laowa is quite a long lens. We have to do some research, and then we will adjust the diameters and all those numbers to get the laowa fit into the BOLT so that we can avoid the issues that can happen during the shooting day.

The most impressive project?

For me, the most impressive project I’ve experienced is the Bad Blood opening scene where we carry out many different shots with different effects. We performed many difficult shots with high speed and also high accuracy demanded. It’s also a first cinematic project for me. So yeah, it was challenging, fun, interesting, but also impressive.

Working with people vs BOLT?

Working with people and working with BOLT is two different area that you have to understand where working with human, there will also be some errors. Human errors is normal, but as working with BOLT, we can control all the effects altogether with BOLT.

Benefits of BOLT in the future? 

table top right now in Vietnam is still a niche market, but in the future the potential is big and the BOLT is already here and we can provide the customer what they want.

So thank you for watching this. You guys can check us out on social media and check our reels. Yeah, see you soon.