Me Group



how it started

ME Group is born of a partnership between a leading commercial production company in Vietnam and a long-standing yet uncompromising production boutique, driven by a shared desire to elevate the standards and overall value of commercial production in the market.

The founders of May Production & Echo have teamed up from these incentives to bring unique international production standards in Vietnam. As a result, ME Group was founded early 2020 (“ME” is an acronym for M(ay) and E(cho)). 


We are a sustainable ecosystem for
independent production teams
with common values

Driven forward by innovative production platforms and grounded in the market with long-standing production houses, ME Group is a collaborative hub of independent companies, but governed by shared principles established by the holding, and relying on mutualized support functions (marcom strategy, investment & business development guidances, HR & daily operations monitoring, legal & admin. support, CSR values…).

Up to now, the holding includes 5 entities: May Production, Echo, Ginger Shots, 18 Studios, and YAM Live. Each company evolves independently, with its own leadership, work culture, and market positioning.

We encourage differences of
corporate cultures & respect
the autonomy
of the network’s members

We invest in the opportunity to
place Vietnam on the map as a
leading & trustworthy
production hub

ME Group’s goal is to keep developing the Group on production expertise and competence. From advising the actual network’s member, to encouraging innovation, to investing in ventures that would help to promote Vietnam as a reliable location for global productions


To be the most
reliable & forward-thinking
production hub in Vietnam for
global creations




a proactive & experienced

The 4 partners & founders of ME Group are independent entrepreneurs with strong production background in this industry.

Understanding what it means to start businesses from scratch independently, they are still fully involved in the daily operation.

Me Group Partner

Tony Nguyen

Me Group Partner

Me Group Partner

Phuong Tran

Me Group Partner

Me Group Partner

Lien Dang

Me Group Partner

Me Group Partner

Yann Williot

Me Group Partner

Facility & Studio

come to meet us

Our main office is a 1300 sqm working space located. few minutes away from the central business district of Saigon: producers rooms, meeting rooms, casting space, audio facility, editing & presentation rooms…

Our Tabletop studio is located in the District 7 of Saigon.